Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 19:00

Présenté par A Gauche de la Lune



Feel it all – Part I – The Club Experience Starting 6th of March 2015: The Tokio Hotel World Tour So close! So exclusive! Unprecedented: Tokio Hotel go on a very special European tour! Starting 6th of March, Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav already deliver an exclusive prospect of their world tour in 2015. Before their great world tour kicks off in summer 2015, Tokio Hotel will present their fourth international studio album „Kings Of Suburbia“ – live in selected locations in 15 cities of Europe.

More exclusive, closer and more private than ever before!With „Feel It All – Part I – The Club Experience“, Tokio Hotel obey the voice of their fans, who called for live gigs of the band right after the release of „Kings Of Suburbia“ the 3rd of October. With „Kings of Suburbia“, Tokio Hotel provide the soundtrack for a very unique moment: For a moment in which you are at the head of your own universe, in which you are the king of your own world – no matter how small or big it might be.

A moment of unmitigated freedom and autonomy, in which everything is possible. It is exactly this feeling that is expressed by every single song of „Kings Of Suburbia’s“ 11 tracks. It was between nightfall and daybreak when Bill and Tom Kaulitz (25) moved to L.A. at the height of their fame, descended into anonymity and created a new inspiration and creativity from their experiences there, which finally made them write and produce „Kings Of Suburbia“. Autonomously. Without any compromises. Starting 6th of March, Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav give an exclusive live foretaste of what is to come in England, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. Run Run Run – tickets are limited! 

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